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Success Stories

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"The ONLY diaper rash ointment."
Bev R. -  Chattanooga, TN
"I found your product at the stork affair at Mercy Medical Center and I had told you that I had tried everything over the counter at WalMart and Target for my sons diaper rash and I told you I would email you and let you know how it worked. It worked!!! Thank you so much and I will be recommending this product to all my mom friends.'  
Nicole B. – Des Moines, IA
"I have used it on 3 kids and getting another tube for the 4th child.  Nothing in the German stores or on post while i was in the army worked or if worked Hiney Healer worked much quicker."
John M. - Bad Kissingen, Germany
"I received this from my mother-in-law, Janet as part of a baby gift for my son. She actually got it because she knew Dr. Boldt had been my pediatrician, turns out it is the BEST baby gift I received. This stuff amazingly clears up diaper rash overnight.  Thank you Dr. Boldt!!!"
Lacy K. - Chattanooga, TN
"I have tried everything from the cheap stuff to other premium creams and prescribed products. None of them worked half as good with my son's sensitive skin.  This cream turned bright red diaper rashes into afterthoughts within 24 hours when others made no impact.  It also has a mild, clean scent that compares favorably."
Jonathan L. - Waterloo, IA
"I’ve used everything else Including a prescription butt cream and Hiney Healer beats them all!"
Victoria D. – Van Meter, IA
"Our pharmacist recommended Hiney Healer to us and at the same time we picked up prescription diaper cream for her rash. Needless to say, we didn't need the prescription cream at all. Great Product!"
Shad M. Nevada, Iowa. 
"My 2 year old daughter had a wind blown rash or a chapped face from the cold weather. We use Hiney Healer for her diaper rash and we thought we would try the Hiney Healer on her face and it worked in one day!"
Lori W. - Wellsburg, IA 
"It works much better than the expensive creams available. We supply our grandchildren all they need. It's the only product that works this good."
Kristi H. - Hampton, IA 
"We have used it for our children and we are now buying it for our grandchildren. It's the best cream available. It's a miracle cream."
Phillip H. - Hampton, IA 
"Our daughter in Indiana loves it and had me purchase a jar for a friend of hers in Ames who is expecting a baby."
"I have used Hiney Healer in my family for all of my children. I haven't found anything that works better."
Margaret A. - Ackley, IA 
"The jar of Hiney Healer was given to me as a gift. I have used it (am using it) for dry hands. I have seen some improvement and will keep using it as I abuse my hands frequently in water."
Martha V. - Plano, TX 
"Hiney Healer is the thing to take away the diaper rash sting. Get Hiney Healer at the store and diaper rash will be no more."
Teresa W. (daycare provider) - Ackley, IA  
"My 5 year old had eczema on the back of his knees. I tried several creams and nothing worked. I used Hiney Healer twice and it cleared up."
Deb P. - Hartland, WI  
"I was raised in Ackley and have gotten Dr. Boldt's cream for years. My Children use it on their children's bottoms and also give it to new mothers as a first gift. I also used it for my father after his hip surgery. It works on bottoms of all ages."
Ann S. - Clive, IA
"WOW! This stuff is amazing!!! My uncle bought it for my first born 4 years ago...I haven't used anything else since! Thanks for making such an AMAZING product!"
Rachel F. -Des Moines, IA
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